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About Mildtrans

Mildtrans was founded in 2004, which is located in world-class electronics industry procurement center Shenzhen Huaqiang North known as the First Street of China's electronics. We are a enterprise member of Network Commerce of Shenzhen City. We have wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, large warehouse and storage system in Hong Kong. We have been focused on the development of the electronics industry since its inception, having many years of market experience in the electronics industry, especially in the wholesale and retail of laptop LCD screen. We have been insisting the concept of integrity management, practicing the principle of taking people sincerely and treating people with honesty, which have won the praise of the customers at home and abroad. The laptop LCD brands operated by our company include Samsung, LG, Hitachi, AU Optronics, Sharp, Chi Mei, Han Choi, Dragon, BOE and other well-known brands. We have regular purchasing channels, strict quality inspection, rapid distribution and delivery as well as perfect after-sales service. Our products are exported to North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America regions. Good quality and perfect service is cornerstone of the continuous development of Nakagawa Industry. With the strength increase of our company, we also are moving in the direction of diversification, which has made a major breakthrough in R & D and production of precision machinery. The company's overall strategy is to continuously expand the development of company precision machinery business with LCD industry for support, which enables the company to realize diversification direction development based on core competitiveness.

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